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We have been supplying The Australian Will Kit in a hard copy format to Australians since 1994. There will always be people who will prefer to hand write their own Will and use the original hard copy Australian Will Kit and we will continue to have this option available for you.

The Australian Will Kit is designed to be easy to use. It is written in laymans terms so you can understand the information. There are easy to follow directions, a step by step guide, an example Will filled out to help guide you through and so much more. The Australian Will Kit is comprehensive, yet set out in such a way to make it easy to find answers. Please click on the links located on the above menu to see more information about each product.  Thank you for visiting our website today. willkit.online is a website owned and operated by AM Direct, PO Box 166, Seaford, S.A. 5169, Australia. ABN: 37 266 199 525


Complete your Will using the
Australian Will Kit.


Easy to understand, numbered instructions
help guide you through.


Fill in the blanks style form
makes it quick and easy to use.