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The Australian Will Kit has a whole section dedicated to Will Storage. It also tells you how to store your Will for free. Make sure you read this section as it is important the Executor can access your Will easily and when required.

The instructions are very easy to follow. Each clause is numbered and instructions are shown just before each field on the Will Form.

There is a Step by Step guide in The Australian Will Kit so you can refer to it for more detailed information.

Yes, with The Australian Will Kit, you can nominate one or more people to act as Executor/s. It is entirely up to you. More information is in the Australian Will Kit.

This is an Executor that you nominate to act if your first chosen Executor/s cannot. Detailed information is in The Australian Will Kit.

Guardianship for minors is covered in The Australian Will Kit and there is provision for you to nominate one or more guardians in the Online Will Form. Make sure you read more information in The Australian Will Kit.

You can leave your assets as specific or general bequests, the Will Form has provision for both and the Australian Will Kit contains more detailed information on how to do this.

Yes. Leaving a legacy in your Will is quite common. This is distributed from your estate as a Specific Bequest. There is a section in The Australian Will Kit which gives you more information on this.

You do not need a JP or a Solicitor to witness your Will.  Your witnesses must be over 18 years of age and they cannot be the Executor, Guardian or beneficiary or partner of a beneficiary of your Will.  The Australian Will Kit explains in detail who can be witnesses and how your Will should be witnessed – this is a very important step.